Intro to Computer programming


What's the difference. The two are both unique, sort after technique. 
Lesson 6: The four essential qualities that an aspiring computer programmer must posses

  Discipline:  A computer programmer ought to be very disciplined. Computer programming requires a lot of focus and practice; without it, it is practically impossible for anyone to grow in this field. Athletes and professional entertainer...
Lesson 5: Seven reasons why you should learn computer programming

Flexibility: If you have always wanted to job that will enable you to work from anywhere in the world. In that case, computer programming is the profession that you ought to be. Computer programming provides you with a lot of flexibility because you...
Lesson 4: Why Computer Programming is Important

Watch this short inspiring video on why computer programming is important.
The Generation of Programming Languages

Computer programming has gone through various stages of development; the first stage is known as the first-generation language. These were basic data instructions (machine language); computer codes were written directly for computers to process, mean...