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project management

by : @kelvinstephen2001 • 2 months ago • in Project Management

How do you deal with team conflict?

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@danielmax 2 months ago
"I’ve heard that there are three main approaches to conflict resolution: avoidance, defusion and confrontation. Typically, I utilize a combination of defusion and confrontation. First and foremost, I limit the interaction between the conflicting parties in order to get some separation and identify the root cause. Then, I facilitate one-on-one conversations in order to identify if there’s a certain task or stressor that’s causing the issue. At this point, the confrontation comes into play. I’ll facilitate a problem-solving meeting where the conflicting members can talk about the issues, reach a compromise, and move forward. I also make sure to continuously check in on that matter moving forward, to ensure that the root issue has been addressed, resentment has been eradicated and a new conflict isn’t brewing."
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