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Project Management

project management

by : @danielmax • 2 months ago • in Project Management

How to you  set project goals?, how do you monitor the progress  of these goals

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@kelvinstephen2001 2 months ago
As mentioned above, questions like this -- that relate directly to what skills and qualifications you bring to the table -- deserve a thoughtful, detailed and tactical response. Don’t just skate over your approach. Dive into any frameworks or tools you use to make this process more streamlined for you and your project team. Try something like this: "I’m a big believer in setting SMART goals. Ensuring that the project team’s goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound helps to confirm that we’re setting ourselves up for success. I also make sure to sit down with the project team when setting goals in order to incorporate their own thoughts and opinions on where we should be headed. I find that’s important for increasing excitement around the goal while also maintaining realistic objectives. As far as monitoring progress, I use a combination of smaller milestones to keep an eye on progress, regular check-ins, and the always helpful Gantt Chart to ensure we’re moving in the right direction."
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